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What are the applications of flat panel detectors

The flat panel detector is a kind of precise and valuable equipment, which plays a decisive role in the imaging quality. Familiar with the performance indicators of the detector can help to improve the imaging quality and reduce the X-ray radiation dose.
Flat panel detectors can be used in medical, veterinary, and industrial applications.
Medical: X-ray machine is a device that emits rays and needs a flat panel to receive imaging. Digital X-ray photography is a new technology of X-ray photography developed in the 1990s. Significant advantages such as high imaging resolution have become the dominant direction of digital X-ray photography, and have been recognized by clinical institutions and imaging experts around the world.
Veterinary use; now pets have become family companions, more and more people keep small pets, and pets will also have a small cold, flat panel detectors will also be used when going to the hospital to take pictures, and pet X-ray machines will send out rays, flat panel detectors are used to receive imaging effects
Industrial; Industrial high-energy flat panel detection produces high-quality CBCT and panoramic images for industrial and security applications.
The amorphous silicon detector launched by our company has become the measurement standard of CBCT imaging equipment in the field of medical and industrial applications, and the industrial flat panel detector has been released recently. This detector is based on the next-generation amorphous silicon flat-panel detector technology of Wanruishi, which supports full-size, full-resolution, low-dose fast imaging, and is the choice for online CBCT. The detector has a built-in protection level of up to 450kV, and is equipped with PCIe onboard real-time image calibration, which is easier for customers to integrate quickly.
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