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What are the advantages of DR in fever clinic

What are the advantages of DR in fever clinic.
There are many dealer customers who come to consult the fever clinic dr for the hospital, and let Xiaobian recommend suitable models. Xiaobian will introduce to you what is a fever clinic dr? The mobile DR in the fever clinic is mainly used to take pictures of the patient’s head, limbs, chest and other parts to detect whether the corresponding organs of the patient have lesions.
Mobile DR performance advantages:
1. Fully meet the special use of isolation ward, ICU, emergency room, respiratory department and CDC.
2. Wireless flat panel detector, high-definition images can assist medical staff to accurately judge disease progression.
3. You can enter the isolation ward to take pictures for the patient, and the patient does not need to leave the isolation ward to avoid cross-infection.
4. The captured images can be directly transmitted to PACS through the wireless network, which is helpful for doctors to consult quickly.
5. No special computer room is required, and inspection work can be carried out quickly.
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