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How many x-rays can a child take in a year?

What is the maximum number of X-rays a child has a year? This is a problem that many parents worry about, and today we will briefly talk about it.
Anyone who has gone to the hospital for an examination will probably have such an experience. When the doctor diagnoses the condition, he will ask you to take a film to further observe the physical condition. Taking pictures is taking X-rays. Because there are so many bad “rumors” about X-rays, some patients feel strongly against X-rays when they hear that they are going to take X-rays. Radiology is avoided. Parents will be more worried, especially if their children are exposed to X-rays.
The radiation dose of X-ray film is low. Generally, the radiation dose for an X-ray examination of the limbs is 0.01mSv, the abdomen is 0.54mSv, the pelvis is 0.66mSv, the lumbar spine is 1.4mSv, and the upper gastrointestinal tract is 2.55mSv.
According to the standards set by the International Commission on Radiological Protection, the human body can withstand up to 7Sv radiation. Therefore, the damage of X-rays to the human body depends on the amount of radiation received, the total amount of radiation received, the time of radiation exposure, and the adjustment function of the human body to these radiations.
Therefore, in theory, as long as X-rays are not regularly taken, there is no health hazard.


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