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What are the advantages of DR compared to CR?

DR uses a flat panel detector or a fluorescent plate CCD camera to directly convert Xray photons into digital signals, which reduces the number of conversions and reduces the generation of noise. The loss of Xray photon signals is minimized and the image quality is high. DR does not carry IP links, reducing mechanical failures, improving efficiency and reducing labor intensity.
Veterinary detector applications
Image quality: DR has higher resolution than CR, large dynamic range, and high signal-to-noise ratio
Exposure dose: DR is about 2/3 of CR
Work efficiency: DR work efficiency is higher than CR
System compatibility: CR is compatible with the original Xray machine, and DR is not compatible with the original Xray machine.

Characteristics of amorphous selenium detector
Dynamic Image: The flat panel detector has been able to output dynamic images for perspective acquisition, expanding its range of applications.

For its clinical application, DR can completely replace CR, which is the transition from traditional Xray equipment to digital Xray equipment.

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