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How does CR work on x ray machine?

How does CR work? Is CR the same as DR (digital flat panel detector)? CR is an Xray indirect conversion technique that uses IP as an Xray medium. After the IP is irradiated with X-rays, the intensity variation of the X-rays is recorded in the form of a latent image. The latent image signal strength decreases with time. The laser scanner produces a red laser or a near-infrared laser. When the laser beam scans the surface of the IP step by step, the latent image signal is converted into visible light (photoluminescence effect) by laser, and the fluorescence emitted from each point on the IP passes through a dedicated optical system.

Coupling mode of cesium iodide detector

Coupled to a photomultiplier tube, the photomultiplier tube converts optical signals of different intensities at different points into electrical signals, which are amplified and sampled, sent to an analog-to-digital converter for quantization, and then sent to a computer for imaging.
How to upgrade a 300mA X-ray machine using a X-ray detector
However, at present, there are no manufacturers in China producing CR. Thanks to the more advanced alternative DR, the DR does not need to be converted and can be imaged directly on the computer and printed out. Newheek is a manufacturer of DR. We have a 14’x17′ cable version, a 14’x17′ wireless board, a 17’x17′ cable version and a 17’x17′ wireless board.

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