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Upgrading the DR system requires a DR detector

To upgrade the DR system, a DR detector is needed. The customer said that they have an X-ray machine and need to wash the film in a dark room, which generates a lot of medical waste. Due to the requirements of environmental protection and I have heard of the DR system for a long time, I will consult the working principle and related costs of the DR system. I explained to the customer that the DR system uses the DR detector to complete the signal conversion, which can be directly imaged through the software in the computer. The DR detector can view images on a computer, or buy a film printer to print them out, and the waste generated is very small. The customer still thought it was abstract to say this, so I sent the customer a video of our use of the DR detector to take a chest radiograph. The customer felt that this was very specific, and then asked about the cost of the DR detector and told the customer what the cost of the different models is It is not the same and needs specific calculations. The client has a general understanding and said that he needs to discuss with the dean, and if he can, he will confirm the purchase.

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