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Advantages of X-ray flat panel detector

What are the advantages of X-ray flat panel detectors
The X-ray flat panel detector can quickly image: the image can be displayed 5s after exposure, without the need for film processing. To
X-ray flat panel detector has high dynamic range: all information from skin to bone can be obtained in one exposure, which expands the clinical application range of X-ray photography.
X-ray flat panel detectors can take high-quality images: high-quality images with a density resolution of 214ibt, providing rich imaging details and diagnostic information.
X-ray flat panel detectors have low radiation and high quantum detection rate. The DQE of the traditional one-screen system is about 30%, while the DQE of the amorphous silicon flat-panel detector is 63%, which greatly reduces the radiation dose of the examinee and the staff.
X-ray flat panel detectors have high exposure latitude: good exposure latitude enables high-quality images to be obtained in a lower dose range, greatly reducing the rate of waste film. To
The X-ray flat panel detector has digital imaging: direct large-capacity digital imaging, which can be easily transmitted over the network, and realize film reading, which improves the accuracy of diagnosis.
X-ray flat panel detectors have digital storage: image storage in digital form, saving storage space for image files, network transmission of original images and other quality, and convenient resource sharing.
The operation process of the X-ray flat panel detector is simpler: exposure, acquisition, transmission, retrieval, archiving, filming, the whole process is automatically controlled, which greatly simplifies the work process and improves work efficiency.
The X-ray flat panel detector has image processing functions: window width and window level adjustment, zooming and walking, edge processing, positive and negative gray switching, gray scale conversion noise reduction and sharpening; image horizontal, vertical flip, rotation, measurement, annotation and Subtraction.

X-ray flat panel detector


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