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The role of X-ray flat panel detectors

X-ray flat panel detector is a kind of sophisticated and expensive equipment, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality. Familiar with the performance indicators of the detector will help improve the image quality and reduce the X-ray radiation dose.
X-ray flat panel detectors use cesium iodide (CSI) scintillation to meet the needs of low line volume and high image quality. It is very suitable for the needs of newborns and children. It has unlimited flexibility and portability, whether in the X-ray room or other places. The new dimensions are ideal for tabletop inspections.
The X-ray flat panel detector provides simple operation and instant imaging for a wide range of diagnostic examination and intensive care settings, and is an ideal size for more applications such as orthopedics and mobile X-ray systems.
Newheek’s X-ray flat panel detectors are wired and wireless. The dimensions are 14 x 17 inches and 17 x 17 inches.
Newheek’s X-ray flat panel detectors can meet your different purchasing needs.

X-ray flat panel detector


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