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The Difference Between CR And DR

The working principle of CR (computed radiography): X-ray exposure causes IP (imaging plate) image board to generate latent image; IP plate is sent into laser scanner for scanning, in the scanner, the latent image of IP plate is intensified and converted into visible light, and then converted into electronic signal, which is transmitted to the computer to display digital image, and also to print laser photos meeting diagnostic requirements , or stored in tape, disk and CD.


DR (Digital Radiology), digital X-ray photography, the system consists of digital image acquisition board ,special filter, digital image acquisition ,control X-ray photography system, digital image workstation. In the amorphous silicon image plate, X-ray is transformed into visible light through the fluorescent screen, and then converted into electronic signals by matrix pixels by TFT thin film crystal circuit, and transmitted to the computer. The image is displayed by the monitor, and can also be transmitted into network.

Compared with DR system, CR system structure is relatively simple and easy to install, IP image board can be applied to the existing X-ray machine, directly realize the digitization of ordinary radiation equipment, improve work efficiency, and bring great social and economic benefits for the hospital. It is safer to reduce the dose of patients. CR is superior to traditional X-ray imaging in displaying bone structure, articular cartilage and soft tissue; it is easy to display mediastinal structure, such as blood vessels and trachea; the detection rate of pulmonary nodular lesions is higher than that of traditional X-ray imaging; and it is better than traditional X-ray images in the observation of calcified lesions such as intestinal pneumatosis, pneumoperitoneum and calculus.

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