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The core device of digital X-ray machine: x ray flat panel detector

Flat panel detector is the most important core part of DR technology, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality.The core of DR technology is the X-ray detection plate and the image processing computer.DR and can realize unlimited free positioning, automatic tracking, automatic for the intelligent operation mode, not only reduce the labor intensity of medical staff, improve the efficiency of the hospital, at the same time fully meet the daily demand, recumbent position X-ray photography, improve the disabled patients in comfort, in the process of checking up for all kinds of disease diagnosis, the accuracy of the routine physical examination.

The flat panel detector is composed of a shell (protective layer), a fluorescent layer, a circuit board, and a radiator, wherein the fluorescent layer is divided into CSI and GDS(GDOS0).The CSI fluorescent layer shows a clearer image, and the GDS fluorescent screen is more sensitive.

According to semiconductor materials, it can be divided into amorphous Selenium flat detector and amorphous silicon flat detector. Amorphous Selenium flat detector has higher sensitivity and is usually used in dynamic plate.

According to the classification of image software, there may be medical software, animal software and industrial software.

In the use of the plate detector, it should be noted that the most suitable temperature of the plate working environment is 5° to 35°. If it is used in tropical areas, it should do a good job of cooling control.At the same time, attention should also be paid to the etching effect. The theoretical life of the plate detector is 3 years, and the long-term use of the plate detector will produce artifacts that cannot be eliminated due to the etching effect, thus affecting the image quality.

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