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Structure and classification of X-ray flat panel detector

Do you have any questions about X-ray flat panel detectors? X-ray flat panel detectors are also different. Different types of X-ray flat panel detectors have different performance indicators and different forms on the image. Then let us know about different types of X Ray flat panel detector.

Indirect conversion X-ray flat panel detector (amorphous silicon X-ray flat panel detector) structure: the surface is a layer of scintillator (cesium iodide) or phosphor material (sulfur oxide rolling), and below is a layer with photodiode function For amorphous silicon, the bottom layer is a layer of charge readout circuit.

The structure of the direct X-ray flat panel detector is mainly composed of amorphous selenium and thin film semiconductor matrix, and also includes a dielectric layer, a top electrode, a protective layer and other structures. The structure of the thin-film semiconductor matrix includes thin-film transistors arranged in the form of array elements, and then the semiconductor material is passed on the thin-film transistors in the form of thin films by vacuum evaporation.

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