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Recent developments in DR detectors

DRl detectors (FPD) are the core component of DR. X-ray detectors continue to move towards the development of smartphones and consumer electronics. They become lighter, more convenient to operate and more durable, while presenting high-quality images.

The most commonly used detectors include two sizes of 14×17 inches and 17×17 inches, which can be wireless or wired.

The detector can be used to upgrade from CR to DR, and can also be integrated with VirtualImaging’s RadPRO system. The continuous development of the design and function of the DR market is not only beneficial to patients, but also to end users.

Newheek’s DR detectors can be configured quickly and easily, so clinicians do not need to face complicated settings when using in multiple X-ray rooms, and can also change the battery when it is turned on.

In addition, the DR detector is also dustproof and waterproof, enhanced durability, low maintenance costs, and provides faster wireless communication, thereby providing faster throughput for middle and high-level hospitals. It can also be used as CR for DR transformation.

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