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The current crisis has also exacerbated the economic uncertainty of journalism. For example, while the digital transformation is accelerating, the advertising revenue that many publications rely on is declining, or even plummeting. In the long run, newspapers and periodicals may be forced to shrink or stop publication, which will make people lose another perspective on the world and the broad background required for diversity of speech.

Azule: “In a world of interdependence highlighted by this crisis, every threat or attack on the diversity of press and freedom of the press and the safety of journalists is of concern to all of us. I call on everyone today to redouble their efforts At this critical moment, and looking at the future, we need free journalists and journalists to make all of us a strong backing for them. ”

UNESCO has participated in the fight against the “information epidemic”, which is full of rumors and false information, because this type of false information has exacerbated the outbreak of coronavirus disease and threatened human lives. UNESCO has also launched “Together for Facts, Science and Solidarity” and “Do n’t go viral” campaigns on social networks. In addition, UNESCO has established the “Corona Virus Disease Media Resource Center 2019” to help journalists track false information and report the outbreak in a reliable and efficient manner.
In local news, the reliability of DR was highly praised, technology led the trend, and the medical industry caused an uproar.
DR plates are used in digital systems


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