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Introduction of newheek X ray image DR flat panel detector

Recently, a customer from Heilongjiang called us to inquire about the upgrade and reconstruction of DRX optical machine. This customer bought our analog X-ray machine before, but now he wants to upgrade to DRX optical machine.
I believe that many small partners in front of the screen should also have this problem. After all, the price of DRX optical machines is higher than that of analog X-ray machines. After upgrading and transforming into a DRX optical machine, what is the most important device for upgrading? This is our DR flat panel detector. Let’s take a look at it with everyone.
Our X ray image DR flat panel detectors are mainly divided into 1417, and 1717, of which there are two types of wired and wireless models. Next, let’s take a look.

Detector category: amorphous silicon

Scintillator: Gadolinium oxysulfide / Cesium iodide

Image size: 35cm × 43cm

Pixel matrix: 2560 × 3072 cm

Pixel pitch: 140µm

A / D conversion: 16bit

Spatial resolution 3.6 LP / mm

Drawing time (wired / wireless): 1s / 2.5s

X-ray working range: 40-150 KV

Battery standby time: 8 hours

Wireless battery standby time: 10 hours

Data interface: GigE / 802.11n, ac

Power: 20 W

Adapter input AC: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Adapter output DC: 24V, 60W

Detector size: 38 × 46 × 1.5 cm

Detector weight (wireless with battery / wired): 3.3kg / 2.9kg

Detector shell material: carbon plate, magnesium alloy

Waterproof level: IPX3

Working environment: 5-35ºC, 10-75% RH

The above is the introduction of our X ray image DR flat panel detector and its technical parameters. After reading it, the friends will definitely have questions. Is this difficult to install? There will be a lot of technical problems, so this little friend doesn’t have to worry about it. We will all have dedicated engineers and technicians to guide you, you can rest assured.
So the above is all the content that Xiaobian shared with you today. If you are interested or do not understand, you can also contact us!



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