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Put the18*18 flat panel detector in the X-ray bucky stand

**** company is a manufacturer of DR equipment. At present, many hospitals require X-ray bucky stand, but customers are not very clear about the functions and uses of X-ray bucky stand. I would like us to give a brief introduction. The film rack is actually a rack for filming, but it cannot be used alone and must be used with an X-ray machine. For example, when used with an ordinary filming machine, put the cassette directly in the film rack, keep the distance between the tube and the X-ray film rack at about 1.8 meters, and then align the center of the tube on the filming machine with the film rack. In the center position, start the filming machine to irradiate X-rays on the X-ray bucky stand, so that the cassette in the bucky stand can be imaged. In the same way, the IP board of CR and the flat panel detector of DR can be placed in the film rack.

The customer said that he knows this filming mode, but they are currently developing a new product DR equipment. The tube part cannot be rotated, so X-rays cannot be directly irradiated on the X-ray bucky stand, and the filming cannot be completed.. If our X-ray bucky stand can be equipped with tube equipment, then their newly developed DR can reduce the bracket. Tell the customer that the current X-ray bucky stand does not have this function, it is just a simple frame, mainly used with X-ray machines. If we use it with DR equipment, we only need to put the flat panel detector in the X-ray bucky stand, and then project the X-ray of the DR equipment on the X-ray bucky stand to image.

Dear agents and users, when you see this, you should know what equipment the X-ray bucky stand is equipped with. If you have a new research and development project, you may wish to propose it. If the customer demand is large, our products can be based on the customer’s Customized for special requirements. If interested, please contact us!

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