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Principle of Digital Flat Panel Detector

Digital flat panel detectors have obvious advantages, such as imaging speed, more convenient operation and higher imaging resolution, and have become the main direction of digital X-ray photography.
Under different spatial resolutions of digital flat panel detectors, the quantum detection efficiency of X-ray detectors will change. Quantum detection efficiency is usually expressed by the ratio of the square of the ratio of output signal to noise to the square of the ratio of input signal to noise. The quantum detection efficiency mainly reflects the density resolution of the digital flat-panel detector. The conversion efficiency of photoelectric signals will affect the efficiency of quantum detection, so the structure of photoelectric conversion will affect the efficiency of quantum detection.
The digital flat panel detectors produced and sold by our Newheek can be divided into wired type and wireless type, and there are a variety of sizes to choose from, which can meet your different purchasing requirements. If you are interested in these devices, please call to discuss!

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