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Precautions for X-ray machine upgrade DR flat panel detector

Customers often call to consult X-ray machines to upgrade DR systems and purchase DR flat panel detectors. Customers are worried about what they need to pay attention to.
In fact, the upgrade principle of X-ray machines is very simple. It is to upgrade the analog imaging system to a digital imaging system. The original film, film washing equipment, and consumables do not need to be used anymore. The digital imaging system includes a DR flat panel detector, workstation software, and a computer. As shown in the figure, after the upgrade, the radiation emitted by the X-ray machine is received by the flat panel detector, processed by the software, and the pictures can be viewed on the computer. It should be noted that the size of the DR flat panel detector is selected. If you use 1417 or 1717 film originally, it is recommended to choose the DR flat panel detector with the corresponding size of 1417. The digital imaging system is compatible with all types of X-ray machines, except that there are no other items that require special attention.

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