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Maintenance of digital flat panel detector

Digital flat panel detector is a kind of sophisticated and expensive equipment, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality. Therefore, in normal times, we do a good job of regular maintenance and maintenance, which plays an important role in improving its efficiency and extending its service life. The following is a brief introduction to the conventional maintenance and maintenance methods of the digital flat panel detector.
Working environment: The temperature requirement of the digital flat panel detector is 10℃~35℃, and the best working environment is 18℃~30℃. The humidity requirement is 20%~75%. When the temperature is lower than 10℃ or the ambient temperature changes drastically, the amorphous selenium layer may start to separate from the glass substrate from the edge (commonly known as the detector stripping). The lower the temperature, the greater the possibility of stripping. In the image, there is a semi-circular nail-shaped artifact that protrudes from the edge of the image to the center of the image, which affects the image quality, and even damages the flat-panel detector; if the temperature is too high, it will cause the digital flat-panel detector Another kind of damage-crystallization, will cause the information to be read incorrectly, produce artifacts, affect the image quality, and cause damage to the digital flat-panel detector over time. Providing the environment required by the product and maintaining the stability of the environment are the prerequisites for obtaining good images. It is necessary to ensure that the air conditioner works normally 24 hours a day to control the temperature and humidity.
Correction: Due to the differences in the sensitivity of each pixel to rays, technically unavoidable bad pixels, bad lines, etc., digital flat-panel detectors need to be corrected to obtain good images. In general, digital flat panel detectors should be calibrated after 2 to 3 months of use (different products vary).
When shutting down, unless the digital flat panel detector is not used for a long time, the power of the digital flat panel detector is generally not turned off to ensure the heating of the panel and reduce the waiting time for power-on preheating.

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