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Newheek’s 1717 DR detector

Recently, a customer inquired about the Newheek 1717 DR detector. Its 1717 DR detector size is 17″ X17″, which has the advantages of light weight, wide range of uses, stable performance, and clear images. The large detection area can cover almost all mobile DR detections. The applicable scenarios of this device truly realize that a board has multiple uses.
1717 DR detector product features:
Robust carbon fiber protective shell
Excellent image quality: 79% DQE (0)
Improved ergonomic design
Support hot swap battery replacement
Support wireless charging
Lightweight and easy to use~3.1kg
IP68~ the highest waterproof and dustproof rating
More powerful wireless communication (5GHz)
Scan cycle time <5 seconds
Online monitoring and recording of tablet status
Built-in 3D gravity sensor gyroscope
Built-in vibration/drop monitoring sensor
Support dynamic integration time (350-4000 ms)
Support dual-energy X-ray photography
If you want to buy 1717 DR detector, or other size flat panel detectors, please contact us.

1717 DR detector


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