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A customer in Peru inquired about a 14*17 flat panel detector

I have received an inquiry before, it was a customer in Peru inquiring about a 14*17 flat panel detector. So we recommended our 1417 amorphous silicon flat panel detector to the customer.
Digital Radiography (Digital Radiography), abbreviated as DR, is a new X-ray photography technology developed in the 1990s. It has significant advantages such as faster imaging speed, more convenient operation, and higher imaging resolution. It has become the leading direction of digital X-ray photography technology, and has been recognized by clinical institutions and imaging experts all over the world. The core of DR technology is the flat panel detector. Flat panel detectors play a decisive role in the imaging quality of the image. Familiar with the performance indicators of the detector can help us improve the imaging quality and reduce the X-ray radiation dose, effectively reducing the radiation exposure to doctors and patients. Radiation dose.
The main parameters of the 14*17 flat panel detector are:
14*17 flat panel detector category: amorphous silicon scintillator: gadolinium oxysulfide / cesium iodide Image size: 35cm × 43 cm pixel matrix: 2560 × 3072 cm pixel pitch: 140µm A/D conversion: 16bit spatial resolution 3.6 LP/mm Drawing time (wired/wireless): 1s / 2.5s X-ray working range: 40-150 KV Battery standby time: 8 hours Wireless battery standby time: 10 hours Data interface: GigE/802.11n, ac Power: 20 W adapter input AC: 100-240V, 50-60Hz adapter output DC: 24V, 60W Detector size: 38×46×1.5 cm Detector weight (wireless with battery/wired): 3.3kg / 2.9kg Detector housing material :Carbon plate, magnesium alloy Waterproof grade: IPX3 Working environment: 5-35ºC, 10-75% RH
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