Newheek specialize in the production of X-ray Detector.
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Newheek X-ray Medical image post processing

X ray flat panel detector -Medical image post processing

1. Make up for inadequate imaging of imaging equipment
2. Provide anatomical information and pathophysiological information
3. Break the traditional medical possibilities and observation methods
4. Provide advanced applications including 3D visualization, image segmentation, lesion detection and image fusion registration.
X ray detector

By providing more observations to the clinic and giving more clinical references, it is beneficial to make a correct diagnosis quickly.

Advantages of DR: DR has higher dynamic range, quantum detection efficiency (DQE) and MTF performance; it can cover a larger contrast range, making the image level more abundant; the patient receives a small dose. The exposure tolerance is large, the exposure conditions are easy to grasp; the time resolution is high, and the image can be displayed within a few seconds of exposure, and the advantages of network transmission and remote consultation can be obtained.



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