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CR, DR post processing function

Wide range of states, with a wide exposure latitude, thus allowing technical errors in photography, even in some areas where exposure conditions are difficult to grasp, can obtain good images;

CR, DR post processing function

CR and DR post-processing techniques vary. But the basic functions are consistent.

1. Window technology: On the workstation, the window width should be adjusted reasonably. First, the original image is denoised, the window width is adjusted to display more information, and then the window is adjusted to make the image have a good contrast.

2. Image reversal; after the image is reversed, the window level is finely adjusted to suit the visual requirements of the person;
DR flat panel detector
3, image enlargement: When small lesions and suspicious lesions are found, the local area is magnified and observed to avoid missed diagnosis;

4, processing (equalization processing): based on reducing the low frequency components of the image to display the details of the second region of interest, such as the mediastinum of the chest;

5, H processing (HY2 brid) is the integrated parameter processing; the image is decomposed into multiple frequency segments, processed according to different parts and diagnostic purposes, the image is synthesized, the image can be displayed from low frequency to high frequency, and the miscellaneous Spreads artifacts to get the best image for different parts and purposes.


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