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Maintenance method of DR digital flat panel detector

DR digital flat panel detector imaging gradually replaces traditional imaging, and is more and more popular in hospitals and clinics at all levels. DR digital filming machine consists of two parts: X-ray machine and DR digital imaging system. When using DR digital flat-panel detectors, it is necessary to maintain and avoid collisions. The computer used to install the workstation software is best used for turning around, and no other software is installed to avoid program conflicts or virus implantation.
DR digital flat-panel detector imaging mainly has the following advantages. One is real-time imaging. After the X-ray machine is exposed, the pictures taken can be directly displayed on the computer monitor. Doctors can diagnose and treat patients on the spot, saving doctors and patients time. . The second is that the imaging software of the DR digital filming machine can process the captured images, and can adjust the image contrast of the part you want to see to make the image clearer. The third is that the DR digital filming machine is easy to move and can be used in different places. Compared with the analog imaging system, which requires liquid medicine to wash and image the film, and the procedure is complicated, the DR digital filming machine is easy to operate and easy to carry.
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