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Key Features of Flat Panel Detectors

The main feature of DR is its high quantum detection efficiency (DQE), up to 74%. The DR imaging speed is fast, the imaging time is only 5 seconds, and the radiographer can immediately observe the image on the screen. The laser film can be printed according to the needs, basically eliminating the generation of waste films. The reason for the 5 waste films produced this time is the failure of the laser camera. DR has high spatial resolution and low noise rate. Amorphous silicon is directly converted into electrical signals after being irradiated by Φ-rays, which can avoid the reduction of image sharpness caused by scattering after light is irradiated on phosphorous materials by other imaging methods such as screen system and CR, so that high-definition images can be obtained, and high-resolution images can be obtained. Performance MTF curve.
The digital flat panel detector is a precision device, which plays a key role in the image quality. Its service life is about 10 years. Therefore, we usually do a good job in routine maintenance and maintenance, which is very important for improving its use efficiency and prolonging its service life. important role. To maintain image quality, each detector must be recalibrated periodically, after at least 4 h in operating or standby mode. Daily inspection: including keeping the operating temperature of the equipment between 18 and 24 ℃, the ambient humidity between 40% and 70%, ensuring the dynamic collection and heat dissipation of the flat panel detector with the help of air conditioners and ventilation fans, checking the good working status of moving parts, and paying attention to the film Whether there are defects or other abnormal phenomena.

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