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Is the flat panel detector required for resolution?

According to our experience, small-dose X-ray machines cannot see the cervical and lumbar spine. For the examination of the joints of the extremities and the breasts, it is necessary to have higher imaging of the details and high requirements for spatial resolution. Therefore, the DR flat panel detector of the amorphous selenium flat panel detector should be used to obtain images with high spatial resolution. At present, most manufacturers of digital mammography machines use amorphous selenium flat panel detectors. It is precisely because the mammography has high spatial resolution requirements, and only amorphous selenium flat panel detectors can meet the corresponding requirements.
In the film, the DR of different types of flat panel detectors should be selected according to different inspection locations. For the examination of the chest, the focus is on observing and distinguishing the density of different tissues, so the requirements for density resolution are relatively high. In this case, it is preferable to use the DR of the amorphous silicon flat panel detector, so that the DQE is relatively high, and it is easy to obtain a higher contrast image, which is more conducive to diagnosis.
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