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Introduction to direct conversion flat panel detector

Let’s popularize the types of flat panel detectors today. There are two main types, one is the indirect conversion flat panel detector and the other is the direct conversion flat panel detector. Today, I will mainly explain to you the direct conversion of flat panel detectors.
The direct conversion flat panel detector is mainly composed of an amorphous selenium layer (Am orph ou s S elenium , a -S e ) T FT . The incident X-ray causes the selenium layer to generate electron-hole pairs. Under the applied bias electric field, the electrons and holes move in opposite directions to form a current, and the current forms a stored charge in the thin film transistor. The amount of stored charge of each transistor corresponds to the dose of incident X-rays. The readout circuit knows the amount of charge at each point and knows the X-ray dose at each point. Since amorphous selenium does not produce visible light and has no influence of scattered rays, a relatively high spatial resolution can be obtained.

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