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Introduction of Digital X-ray Photography DR detector System

Direct digital X-ray photography DR detector System is another major advancement in the digitization of ordinary X-ray photography DR detector System. Compared with indirect digital photography in the manner of storing phosphors, it has four major characteristics: (1) the patient receives a smaller dose of radiation; Higher dynamic range and quantum detection efficiency; (3) It can cover a larger contrast range and the image layer is richer; (4) The image resolution is improved, the speed is faster and the working efficiency is higher. This article introduces the structure and principle of the line scan direct scan digital X-ray photography system.


Digital X-ray photography (Digital Radiography), or DR system, is composed of an electronic cassette, a scanning controller, a system controller, an image monitor, etc. It directly converts X-ray photons through the electronic cassette into a digital image. Direct digital radiography in a broad sense. In the narrow sense, direct digital photography, or DDR (DirectDigit Radiography), usually refers to digital radiography that uses a flat-panel detector direct image conversion technology. It is a true direct digital X-ray photography DR detector  system and is also the current development trend. It is beneficial to improve the quality of medical diagnosis and promote the improvement of the modern management level of the hospital.


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