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Customer calls flat panel detector

Today, I received a call from a customer asking about the flat panel detector. The customer saw our product on the official website and wanted to get more detailed information by calling. The customer asked if our product can be waterproof, replied that our product is dust-proof and waterproof, and the customer asked if there is wireless? The product nk1717n is a wireless flat panel detector. The customer asked about the weight of the product. The weight of the product was 4.5kg. So how does this product work and what is the specific principle? Then I will explain the principle of flat panel detector for customers.

X-ray is first converted into visible light by fluorescent medium material, then the visible light signal is converted into electrical signal by photosensitive element, and finally the analog electrical signal is converted into digital signal by a/d. The xray-dr has high conversion efficiency, wide dynamic range, high spatial resolution, high X-ray absorption rate in low resolution area and strong environmental adaptability.

This kind of product can be divided into two kinds: the indirect conversion flat detector and the direct conversion flat detector.

The direct conversion plate detector is mainly composed of amorphous selenium (a-Se) and thin film semiconductor array (TFT). As amorphous selenium is a kind of photoconductive material, it can directly form electron hole pair after X-ray exposure, generate electrical signal, and then obtain digital image through TFT detection array and a / D conversion. Because amorphous selenium does not produce visible light and has no effect of scattering light, it can obtain a higher spatial resolution.

With the development of science and technology, the performance of flat panel detector will be further improved, which will further improve the quality of digital image and provide better and stronger diagnostic basis for doctors.


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