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Introduction of digital X-ray machine DR detector

At present, digital X-ray machines use more and more DR detectors. Let me introduce some knowledge of DR detectors used by digital X-ray machines.

DR detectors appeared in the 1990s and were used in the medical field before moving to the field of non-destructive testing. The device is composed of a disk-shaped, its width and the length of each pixel, the size of the human hair as a unit of X-ray exposure, a very good thin film semiconductor detector based on the composition of the Guiwei array, And each pixel collects and stores charge, and each pixel can be digitized, so a two-dimensional image is displayed on the display

Unstructured products use the X-ray scintillator photodiode loading mode of the silicon plate, the scintillator layer, which is usually CSI thallium-doped crystals used to receive X-ray photons that are converted into visible light, sent along the iodide needle in the photodiode. The generated photodiode, due to the light irradiation current, current is accumulated in the charge of the photodiode is formed. The amount of charge proportional to the incident radiation dose should be within the range of the photodiode, the completed X-ray dose.

The DR detector is suitable for digital medical X-ray machines and is usually used in conjunction with bucky stands.If you need to buy such products, please contact us!


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