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Inquiry about flat panel detectors from a personal clinic

The customer saw our flat panel detectors on our website and was interested in them. He wanted to learn more about our flat panel detectors and their prices.
The customer is currently interested in our 1717-inch wired flat panel detectors.
Our flat panel detectors are available in 14*17inch, 17*17inch, wired and wireless models. The wired model is suitable for indoor use, while the wireless model is more suitable for outdoor use. Our workstation software is divided into medical and veterinary use. With a computer, our company can install and debug the software before delivery, and customers can use it directly after receiving the goods. If you do not purchase a computer, our company can also provide remote assisted installation services to ensure the customer’s experience.
Our flat panel detectors are designed with the most advanced technology and have excellent characteristics such as high resolution, low noise and high efficiency. It can not only fully meet the application requirements in scientific research and industrial testing, but can also be widely used in medical imaging, security inspection and non-destructive testing. In addition, our flat panel detectors also have excellent stability and reliability, which can provide users with long service life and high-quality data output. Our engineers and technical support team will also provide customers with full-service and technical support at any time to ensure customers’ high-quality user experience.
If you are also interested in our flat panel detectors, Welcome to contact us.

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flat-panel detector

flat-panel detector


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