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India and Russia import a large number of X-ray equipment to deal with COVID-19

As of 10:40 local time on May 10th, there were 11012 newly confirmed cases in Russia, with a total of 209688 confirmed cases; 88 new death cases and a total of 1915 death cases.
India only increased 1,583 cases, and less than one-third of Russia’s cumulative diagnosis.
A month ago, I was very worried about the outbreak of India with a large population and poor medical conditions. Some experts have predicted that 200 million people will be infected in India and millions will die.
Especially when I saw many confirmed cases in the largest slum in Mumbai, India, I was even more worried about the outbreak of India. Surprisingly, the epidemic of Mumbai’s largest slum was actually under control. The outbreak in India did not break out, but the outbreak in Russia did.
The first reason is that Russia ’s initial prevention and control was directed only at China, and the prevention and control of Europe was not timely. During the surge of the European epidemic, a large number of Russians returned to their countries, and many Europeans also went to Russia.
The second reason is: Russia is a federal system, local power is very large, and it is difficult for the decrees to be thoroughly implemented at the grassroots level.
The third reason is that Russians, like people in other European countries, pursue individual freedom, lack sense of responsibility towards others, and society, and it is difficult to achieve conscious isolation like Chinese people.
The fourth reason: Russia does not attach great importance to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Although a series of measures have been taken, it is still believed that the epidemic has spread in Russia. He has always insisted on holding an event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War.
India is different. India takes it very seriously. Indian isolation measures are doing well! I believe everyone can see from the Internet that the Indian police slammed Indians who went out without permission. Although hundreds of millions of poor people in India need to eat, they still insist on closing the country.

Russia and India imported a batch of DR equipment this time to respond to COVID-19.


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