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Image quality of flat panel detector

The Newheek plate detector can image X-ray at low dose and has higher image quality than amorphous silicon and plate detector with image intensifier.

Flat-panel detector’s large-area digital X-ray camera series products provide users with high-speed, high-performance X-ray imaging detector, with stable and reliable PC interface for easy integration.

Advanced CMOS image sensing technology enables low dose X-ray imaging with higher image quality than amorphous silicon materials and flat plates with image intensifiers.Flat-panel detectors in this product line have a maximum frame rate of 30 FPS,

And through the standard data cable communication up to 100 meters.

The flat panel detector can choose different scintillators to meet different resolution and sensitivity requirements.The camera interface allows easy access to functions such as adjusting frame rates, single and multiple frame acquisition, and advanced timing mode control.

Each camera comes with user-friendly software tools that can be used independently or easily integrated with applications.

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