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17*17 wired X-ray flat panel detector with computer software

Today, there is a personal orthopedic clinic of NK to consult with X-ray flat panel detectors, saying that they bought the 17*17 wired X-ray flat panel detector + computer software 6 years ago, the price is * yuan. Currently. With Wandong 200MA X-ray machine Now the image quality of X-ray flat-panel detectors is not very good. I want to find a cheap X-ray flat-panel detector again. Tell me that the price of X-ray flat-panel detectors has not changed much now, and it is small to choose cheap X-ray flat-panel detectors. The brand’s X-ray flat-panel detector. The quality assurance is almost inferior. Customers said they would consider it again.
That’s all for today’s sharing. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of vertical and mobile chest film racks, various types of X-ray machine parts and X-ray DR flat panel detectors.If you are interested in this device, please contact us!

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