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How to use DR flat panel detector

How to use DR flat panel detector? The DR flat panel detector is used in conjunction with the X-ray machine. Once the DDR flat panel detector receives the rays from the X-ray machine, it can be directly converted into an image and transmitted to the computer. The DR flat panel detectors currently on the market can be classified into two types: dynamic flat panel detectors and static flat panel detectors. One of the most popular is static flat panel detectors, which are also DR devices used in many individual clinics. This DR flat panel detector is a high-performance, cassette-sized wireless DR flat panel detector. It can last at least 10 hours, and the unique wireless transmission technology can complete a full-resolution image transmission in 3 seconds, even in the worst case, it will not exceed 5 seconds. At the same time, the DR flat panel detector has excellent qualities such as high DQE and high resolution. The DR flat panel detectors sold by our company include wireless flat panel detectors and wired flat panel detectors, with sizes of 14×17 inches and 17×17 inches. If you are interested in our DR flat panel detector, please contact our customer service to purchase!

DR flat panel detector


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