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Flat panel detector for pet DR

A company consulted our company’s flat panel detector. The customer used it for pet DR. For flat-panel detection, it can be matched with medical X-ray machines and pet DR. The reason why customers buy flat-panel detectors is mainly to realize The filming machine realizes a digital pet DRX light machine. After the veterinarian puts the pet in the filming bed for shooting, the hand brake is exposed, and the pet DR system can image in real time. If the shooting is wrong or unclear, you can immediately adjust and re-shoot, minus The cumbersome process of film development, and the effect of pet DR is better than that of traditional film photography, and the image can be adjusted in the system
Pets are no better than people to follow orders. If pets are on the filming bed for a long time, they will move around. The flat-panel detector can quickly expose within 5 seconds, which can solve this problem.
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