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How to select DR flat panel detector

You are curious about how to select DR flat panel detector. Now let’s talk about how to select DR flat panel detector.
First, let’s popularize the knowledge of DR flat panel detector; DR flat panel detector is a precise and valuable equipment, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality. Familiarity with the performance indicators of flat panel detector will help us improve imaging quality and reduce X-ray radiation dose. It is faster than film imaging. It is digital imaging, and you can directly view the shooting effect on the computer. Our company usually sells 14 * 17 and 17 * 17, which are divided into wired board and wireless board. How should we choose the DR flat panel detector? When the wired DR flat panel detector is used, it needs to connect the power cord and take pictures while charging; The wireless DR flat panel detector can be charged first, and can be used without connecting to the power supply. It is convenient to use where there is no power supply. It is also suitable for the use of mobile DRX machines, and it is convenient to carry. It can be used for physical examination outside. Therefore, you can select the DR flat panel detector suitable for you according to your use environment.
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