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How to distinguish between CR and DR

CR is digital X-ray photography, CR is a mature technology of digital X-ray photography, which is widely used at home and abroad. The CR system uses an imaging plate (IP), which uses a laser as a carrier to record and read out X-ray imaging information, and form digital or flat-film images through X-ray exposure and information read-out processing.
DR is computer x-ray photography. On the basis of the X-ray TV system, DR uses computer digital processing to make the analog video signal directly enter the computer for storage, analysis and preservation after sampling and analysis. DR is mainly composed of tube, flat panel detector (image board), acquisition workstation (image processing computer/post-processing workstation) and other devices.
The essence of what Dr. calls “direct digital radiography” is to directly take digital X-ray images without intermediate media. Its working process is to project the x-rays on the flat panel detector (for detection) after passing through the human body, and then directly convert the x-ray image information into digital image information, and synchronously transmit it to the collection workstation. Finally, the medical professional software of the workstation is used for image post-processing. The DR system can effectively reduce the labor intensity of clinicians, improve labor efficiency, and speed up the examination time of patients. Compared with ordinary film systems, DR using digital technology has the characteristics of wide dynamic range and wide exposure tolerance.
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