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How many years can flat panel detectors be used?

How many years can flat panel detectors be used? I believe many people have this question. Let me first introduce you to what is a flat panel detector. Digital Radiography (Digital Radiography, referred to as DR), X-ray flat panel detector is a new X-ray photography technology developed in the 1990s, with its faster imaging speed , More convenient operation, higher imaging resolution and other significant advantages, have become the leading direction of digital X-ray photography technology, and have been recognized by clinical institutions and imaging experts all over the world. The core of DR technology is X-ray flat panel detector. X-ray flat panel detector is a kind of precise and precious equipment, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality. Familiar with the performance index of X-ray flat panel detector will help us improve imaging quality. And reduce the X-ray radiation dose.
Regarding how many years the flat panel detector can be used, there is no specific number of years. Under normal circumstances, the warranty is 3 years when leaving the factory. The life of the flat panel detector and the frequency of use, the working dose and the working environment have a great relationship. Use under normal conditions 5-6 years is no problem. If the usual maintenance is done in place, it will extend the service life. On the contrary, if the maintenance is not good, it may take about 3 years.
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