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How long is the life of the DR flat panel detector

Some customers have come to inquire about the lifespan of DR flat panel detectors. In response to customers, the life of our DR flat panel detectors is generally three years.
DR flat panel detectors have a certain number of years of use, usually about three years, or after a certain number of exposures, the aging and damage of flat panel detectors is inevitable and inevitable. The high maintenance cost of DR flat panel detectors is mainly due to the high integration of internal components, and the unstable physical properties of amorphous silicon oxide transistors, which decay quickly under light, so large areas of dead pixels appear every day. When the dead pixels reach a certain amount, it cannot be repaired, and the entire flat panel detector needs to be replaced. In fact, as of today, there is no DR flat panel detector that can be used normally for more than five years, and most flat panel detectors need to be replaced every two years. The normal service life of our DR flat panel detector is generally three years.

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