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Flat panel detectors have been ups and downs in the economic and trade war.

China ’s difficulties in fulfilling its commitments, plus the half-year is the US election, these factors make economists without exception believe that Sino-US relations will deteriorate sharply in the near future.

“I don’t think there will be a real war, but a more intense trade war cannot be avoided.” Li Zhaobo believes that as the US election approaches, Trump will continue to escalate the trade war and seek more benefits for the next trade negotiations.

According to Park Shui-shui, anti-China speech tends to increase during the US presidential election, because it is politically popular to blame the US for other countries. Especially this year, because the new crown epidemic has caused anti-China sentiment to rise significantly.

“Because the pain that the United States has suffered is so strong that it is politically important to find other countries to blame. If China does not fulfill its obligations under the trade agreement, it will fuel the fire, but even if there is no problem with the trade agreement, Anti-Chinese speech will also intensify. ”

Park Zhishui further stated that, in fact, a successful trade agreement with China could support the shaky American economy and may also soften the Trump administration’s anti-China stance. But no matter who wins the US presidential election, the bilateral relationship between China and the United States will almost certainly deteriorate.

“Under the pressure of the United States, or in order to prevent Sino-US relations from going backwards, China will implement the agreement, or at least most of the agreements.” Hu Rong believes. He said that if China does not perform for some reason, we will see Sino-US relations deteriorate further. The world economy will deteriorate further.

Even if the second-phase trade agreement can be negotiated this year, Li Zhaobo believes that the United States will prevail, because on the one hand China may have difficulty completing the first-phase agreement, on the other hand the virus broke out in China first, and China has become the target of many countries.

“In the United States, there is only one problem that can unite the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the United States, and that is to believe that Americans must take a stronger position against China.” Lu Xiuquan described it as “the real problem of China.”

Flat panel detectors must persist in the economic and trade war.
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