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the development of flat panel detectors needs to be further increased in market share.

The epidemic caused the US economy to face a “Great Depression” economic crisis. In fact, in terms of unemployment data alone, it has far exceeded the Great Depression of the 1930s. Some economists believe that the United States should abandon the trade war out of its own interests and try its best to save the current economy. Other economists believe that the United States should continue to escalate the trade war, on the one hand asking for more benefits from China, while also retaliating against China for its ineffective response to the epidemic.

In response to this debate, the interviewed scholars generally believed that the United States should abandon the trade war, but for political interests, the United States is expected to escalate the trade war.

“The global economic crisis caused by the new crown epidemic should prompt all countries to rethink their positions on trade issues.” Park Shui-shui said that the trade war between the world’s two largest economies is harmful to both sides, and now the trade war is only escalated. Will exacerbate the US economic recession. And the removal of tariffs will reduce the prices of consumer goods and means of production, and immediately help American consumers and producers who are suffering.

Hu Rong also believes that it is time for the United States to stop the trade war, and it is a war of both defeats for both China and the United States. In fact, the economies of the two countries are closely related, and the conclusion that China benefits more than the United States in trade is unreasonable. The United States should open more areas to China in the service and high-tech fields. This will benefit the US job market and the US economy.

But Park Shui-shui also reminded that even before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the United States believed at the beginning of the trade war that by forcing China to implement intellectual property protection to create a fairer competitive environment for American companies, the short-term losses would be Long-term benefits are offset.

“But in the face of the current economic crisis, the focus should shift to the short-term rather than the long-term. This will attract people to tend to restrict trade wars rather than escalation. However, these are economic calculations and are likely to be dominated by political calculations. And tend to continue to attack China. ”

Li Zhaobo said that if Trump is elected, he will maintain the current state of the trade war, sometimes make fierce remarks, and sometimes say that President Xi is his good friend, and continue to expand the results during the period. Because the trade deficit between China and the United States is still very large, the original intention of the United States to start a trade war has not been completed.

Lu Xiuquan also holds the same view, “At present, China-US economic relations are on a rough road. No matter who wins in the upcoming general election, after the election, the United States is likely to take a stronger position on China.”
During the course of the economic and trade war, all personnel of our company paid close attention to it, and the development of flat panel detectors needs to be further increased in market share.
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