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Features of DR flat panel detector

Recently, a Peruvian customer asked about our DR flat panel detector. I believe that everyone in the radiology department and engineers knows that the DR flat panel detector is a complex and expensive device, which plays a decisive role in image quality. Familiar with the performance indicators of DR flat panel detectors helps to improve imaging quality and reduce x-ray radiation dose.
DR flat panel detectors can be divided into two types: CCD DR and flat panel DR. Compared with the amorphous silicon flat panel DR, the CCD DR image is 1:1 symmetrical, and there is no light transmission process. CCD DR uses an optical system to transmit signals, using ultra-high-sensitivity ultra-large-diameter optical lens, high-resolution CCD camera, cesium iodide acquisition flat panel, and advanced image processing technology.
The realization goals of the two are the same, and both can output high-quality images to serve patients. From the perspective of the final clinical effect, the products of the two different technical paths can finally output high-quality X-ray images to serve the patients.
The choice of the type of DR flat panel detector should be based on the user’s specific requirements, budget and other specific choices. I hope that every customer can buy their favorite products. If you want to consult or DR flat panel detector, please call us!

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