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Features and advantages of digital X-ray image (DR)

Do you understand the features and benefits of digital X-ray images (DR)? Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the five advantages of the flat panel detector!

1. Digital image (DR) has clear and delicate images, high resolution, wide gray scale, large amount of information and large dynamic range.

2. High density resolution and more image detail are the most important features of digital X-ray image (DR) over ordinary radiological images.

3, DR projection speed is fast, the impact of motion artifacts is small. Especially for crying children and elderly patients who are not breathable.

4. DR imaging has small radiation. Since the flat panel detector of the digital X-ray image (DR) is much more sensitive than the ordinary X-ray film, it only needs a relatively small energy to obtain a satisfactory image. Digital X-ray images (DR) are reduced by 30%-70% compared to normal image radiation.

5, digital images of bone structure, articular cartilage and soft tissue display is better than traditional X-ray images, digital images are easy to display mediastinal structures such as blood vessels and trachea, the detection rate of nodular lesions is higher than traditional X-ray images .

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