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Dr xray flat panel is the imaging core component of digital X-ray machine

For DR technology, the image quality is determined not only by the type of Dr xray flat panel used by the flat panel, but also by the DQE and MTF of the Dr xray flat panel, acquisition matrix, gray scale acquisition, spatial resolution, Important factors such as the minimum pixel size.
Indirect digital X-ray photography (IDR): Dr xray flat panel is an X-ray image detector with an amorphous silicon photodiode array as the core.
Imaging process: X-ray-visible light-charge image-digital image
Imaging principle: The cesium iodide scintillation crystal on the top of the detector converts the incident X-rays into visible light, and the visible light excites the amorphous silicon photodiode array under the cesium iodide layer, which is a photodiode that generates current, which converts visible light into electrical signals. The stored charge is formed on the capacitance of the photodiode itself. The change of the charge amount of each pixel is proportional to the strength of the incident X-ray, and the array also converts the spatially continuous X-ray image into a total array image composed of a certain number of rows and columns. The density of the dot matrix determines the spatial resolution of the image. Under the unified control of the central timing controller, the row driving circuit in the row direction and the reading circuit in the column direction take out the charge signals line by line, convert them into serial pulse sequences and quantize them into digital signals. The acquired digital signal is transmitted to the image processor through the channel interface circuit, thereby forming an X-ray digital image Dr xray flat panel.
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