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Digital radiography is introduced

Digital radiography is an important part of digital radiography. Compared with ordinary X-ray images, Digital X-ray images have high resolution, wide gray scale and large amount of information, which is helpful to improve diagnostic accuracy.
Digital radiography uses flat panel detectors to convert x-rays into electrical signals, so the characteristics of x ray Detector have a great impact on the quality of DR images.
1. Digital image (DR) features clear and fine images, high resolution, wide gray scale, large information content and large dynamic range.
2. High density resolution and obtaining more image details are the most important features of digital X-ray image (DR) that are superior to ordinary radiographic image.
3. Fast projection speed of DR and little influence of motion artifacts.Especially for crying easily moving children and the elderly patients do not hold their breath.
4. DR imaging has low radiation.Since the sensitivity of the flat panel detector for digital X-ray imaging (DR) is much higher than that of conventional X-ray, it requires relatively little energy to obtain satisfactory images.
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