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Digital flat panel detectors have wireless and wired

Currently, digital flat-panel detectors are widely used in hospital radiology departments as flat-panel detectors (FPD) DR and CCD detectors.
Features of digital flat panel detector:
1. The minimum pixel size of the digital flat panel detector in the security field is 1,127um, and the X-ray detector has high resolution and does not reduce image quality
2. The minimum invalid imaging edge size of 8.5mm reduces the negligence of subtle details and enhances safety and reliability
3. Digital flat-panel detector with 16-bit image acquisition, large dynamic range, recordable gray scale technology up to 65536
4. The digital flat panel detector provides 2.4/5g dual-frequency wireless working mode and Gigabit Ethernet interface for data and control command transmission
5. The digital flat panel detector reserves a protocol interface to facilitate rapid system integration
6. The digital flat panel detector is made of special materials and anti-radiation design, which can be used in harsh environments
7. The digital flat panel detector is powered by a lithium battery, which is light in weight and small in thickness. It is a truly portable flat panel detector.
Newheek digital flat panel detectors are divided into wired type and wireless type, which can meet your different purchasing needs.

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