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Difference Between Imaging Plates and Flat Panel Detectors

In digital filming, the conversion of X-ray energy into electrical signals is accomplished by a flat-panel detector, whereby the flat-panel detector
The characteristics of DR will have a relatively large impact on the quality of DR images. The choice of DR must take into account the choice of flat panel detectors. The performance index of the flat panel detector will have a great impact on the final imaging effect, and medical institutions should also choose a flat panel detector that suits them according to their actual needs. Comparing the original CCD detector with the flat-panel detector we use now: the long-term use of the CCD detector, the deformation of its optical system will cause the detector to need regular maintenance and calibration, otherwise the image attenuation will not be covered by the warranty. With the continuous advancement of technology and technology, flat panel detectors have long passed the era of needing to replace the entire board. At present, they have achieved the level of repairing where there is a fault. In comparison, flat panel detectors have more stable images and lower maintenance costs. In order to achieve the same image quality as a flat-panel detector, a CCD-type detector needs at least twice the radiation dose, so that patients and doctors can bear more unnecessary radiation, which is not green enough and cannot protect the health of patients and doctors.

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