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Ali Wangwang Inquiry Uruguay Inquiry Tablet

Newheek Ali Wangwang received an inquiry from Uruguay to ask whether the flat panel detector is for 35*43 flat animals, and asked the customer’s parameter configuration requirements for the flat panel, as well as the customer’s company information. Let me introduce you to the 35*43 tablet
Flat panel detector category: amorphous silicon
Scintillator: Gadolinium oxysulfide / Cesium iodide
Image size: 35cm × 43cm
Pixel matrix: 2560×3072 cm
Pixel pitch: 140µm
A/D conversion: 16bit
Spatial Resolution 3.6 LP/mm
Drawing time (wired/wireless): 1s / 2.5s
X-ray working range: 40-150 KV
Battery standby time: 8 hours
Wireless battery standby time: 10 hours
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