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Daily inspection and regular calibration of flat panel detectors should be carried out

Compared with the conventional X-ray machine, the maintenance work of the DR system based on flat panel detector has both common points and particularities. Among them, the maintenance methods of the ball tube, the high-voltage generator, and the mechanical and electrical components of the system are basically the same as those of the conventional X-ray machine. The biggest difference and particularity is reflected in the maintenance of flat panel detectors. According to the requirements of the equipment manufacturer and the experience in equipment use, the maintenance work of the flat panel detector mainly includes two aspects of daily inspection and regular calibration. Routine inspection records the ambient temperature and humidity of the equipment operation, and requires the air conditioning equipment to operate normally, especially in winter and summer, it is more necessary for the environmental conditions to meet the equipment operation requirements to ensure the requirements of dynamic flat panel collection and heat dissipation; check the good work of the moving parts state, to avoid large impact and vibration on the flat-panel detector under working conditions; check the good grounding status of the equipment and the flat-panel detector; regularly read the operation records of the flat-panel detector to see if there are hidden dangers; pay attention to the doctor to read the film , Whether the X-ray image is found to be defective or other abnormal phenomena during the diagnosis process. Flat-panel detectors are precision electronic equipment. During use, electronic reference drift will occur, which requires regular calibration; according to the requirements of the manufacturer’s maintenance manual, the detector must be calibrated strictly in accordance with its methods to ensure high-quality X-ray detectors. Line inspection image; general correction has three aspects of work, namely offset correction, gain correction and dead point correction, weekly or monthly routine is generally gain correction, offset correction is generally designed to be automatically performed at regular intervals, and Dead pixel correction is performed when needed.
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