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Coupling mode of cesium iodide detector

The needle structure of the cesium iodide detector is similar to the optical conductivity. When the visible light is output, the emission is more concentrated, brighter and higher resolution.
The spiculate x ray detector scintillator indicates that the scintillator needs to be coupled to work on the detector. There are two main ways of coupling:
Coupling mode of cesium iodide detector
1.Substrate compression (coupling) type 2.Direct deposition type substrate suppression (coupling) type scintillator, where the scintillator is grown on a substrate, then the substrate is on, and the scintillator is attached downward to the plate detector.
2. The cesium iodide detector is located under the scintillator, which is used to receive visible light from the scintillator and convert the optical signal into electrical signal, which is a key step of photoelectric conversion.


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